Video – Face of Pro-Life #89: Susan Boyce Federal Health Care Not Dead Yet

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Ave Maria!

Susan Boyce explains how the federal health care plan which seems to have been defeated when Scott Brown won the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts is not at all defeated and still needs to be vigorously opposed. There is a real danger of stealth efforts to bypass normal rules by sneaking it into reconciliation without bringing it past the new senator. She further outlines the many problems that still exist in the plan, including half a trillion of new spending that will increase costs and taxes on employers reducing the number of jobs, unelected boards with unprecedented powers to dictate what gets funded, who gets health care or not. There are many indications that this rationing will be based on how 'useful' you are to society, similar to the Nazis.

It would also be a blow to religious freedoms due to the lack of conscience clauses in regard to abortion and abortifacients, mandated home visits, government oversight of marriage counseling. And, of course, abortion funding is still in the plan.

Ave Maria!

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