Feb 08 – Homily – Fr Angelo: Jesus Still Heals

By February 8, 2010October 27th, 2011Fr. Angelo Geiger, Griswold, CT, Homily
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Homily #100208 ( 05min) Play - Fr. Angelo points out that the miracles of healing still exist in our present age. We still have the challenge of believing in His presence just as people who saw Jesus had to believe that he was also God, but then he will give us his healing grace just as he did then.

Ave Maria! Mass readings
1: 1 Kings 8:1-7,9-13
R: Ps 132:6-10
G: Mk 6:53-56

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  • Rachel says:

    May the friars pray for my sister Linda who was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized ovarian cancer. She has experienced a conversion and a return to the church and the sacraments! The greatest healing possible! But it would be wonderful if she were to experience a miraculous physical healing too. I only ask that prayers be offered up for her so she will have the strength and courage to endure this cross.

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