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Why I Am Leaving the Catholic Church

By February 2, 2010From the Web

Please pray for this soul who is leaving the Catholic Church. But, you will have to watch the video because he is not leaving for the reasons that you think.

Carol Girard

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  • Other Mary says:

    Thanks for posting this!

  • Jen says:

    Wow … he had me hook, line and sinker to the very end! I love a ‘catchy ending’ that you just couldn’t foresee. Thanks … very good. 😉

  • Myra Sutter says:

    I share your sorrow with the lack of love Catholics are showing when they complain of spending time with the real presence of Jesus in our churches. I do not feel good about shortening Sunday Mass by omiting Ï Confess”, and the Nicene Creed, the bells when Our Lord is lifted up, and not allowing for any silence during and after Holy Communion in order that we can hear what Our Lord or the Holy Spirit is saying to our souls. If this would happen and prayers or adoration were offered for even 15 or 20 minutes after Mass (we used to have a short Benediction). Our diocese has not followed the Pope’s recommendation that we kneel for the consecration or show any sign of reverence before we receive Our Lord and Savior, I often leave feeling something is missing. The sermons we hear are short, created to please and lacking any mention of the culture of sin that has moved into our world.

    Feeling this way I feel is something I must offer up as suffering, but inadequate as our worship is we must stay on the path, pray fervently for our Catholic family that they will relearn the love of all the Church’s teaching. When we know the truth lies in the Church we have to do what we can to stay faithful. There are many wonderful saints in the making who with the direction of the Holy Spirit who are showing us how we should love Our Lord Jesus, by prayer, by study and by speaking when necessary.

    Until I found EWTN and consequently books, CD’s , ecetera that are available I felt I was starving spiritually. I think we are asked at this time to hang in there and applaud every step that is taken to bring us to be more alive in the faith.

    There are cenacles and prayer groups that help bring us closer to Jesus, Mary and all the saints so that when we are in His Presence, we adore Him and can serve Him and love others.

    When we know the truth, the only way to heaven is being faithful to the faith.

    I am praying for you.


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