Jan 17 – Homily – Fr Tito: She’s Our Model

By January 31, 2010October 27th, 2011Fr. Tito, Homily, St. Mary's, Baltic, CT
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Homily #100117t ( 05min) Play - What is the roll of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Church?

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  • DamianSV says:

    After a talk today with someone and then hearing this –
    What’s the fuss. Women want to be priests. They don’t want to be the Blessed Virgin Mary ?
    And the Angel wanted to be God. He was the Devil.
    A priest can want to be Jesus , but only with Mary’s help. That’s how God got to be Jesus , with Mary’s help.
    A priest said to us that a woman can’t be a priest because Pope John Paul II said so period. The right answer , but without the details which a parishioner provided.
    They asked the male priest , wouldn’t you make a strange nun.
    Is anyone more Christ like than Mary. When they looked at Jesus they saw he looked like his mother. A female is more Christ-like as a nun than anything. A male more Christ like as a priest. And so on

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