Jan 13 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Homily #100113 ( 06min) Play - We celebrate today the Baptism of Our Lord according to the old calendar. Fr. Ignatius stresses the importance of Baptism and to do it with a valid formula and soon after birth and, finally, to live a life worthy of Baptized Christians.
Ave Maria! Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Mass: EF, Ecce Advenit - Readings: 1st: isa 60:1-6 - Gsp: joh 1:29-34

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  • Ben says:

    Thanks father for the good homily

    “In the Name of the Creator, the Redeemer and the Sanctifier.”
    Haven’t heard that one. It’s really sad that priests feel the need to be ‘creative’ with the liturgy in order to ‘relate’ to young people, while it’s usually the young people who protest against such mutilation of Catholic tradition.

    We have become so ‘creative’ that our Sacraments are no longer valid.

    Sad thing indeed…


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