Video – Face Pro-Life #81: Susan Boyce – Health Care and Catholic Principles

By January 8, 2010March 2nd, 2019Corinn Dahm, Face of Pro-Life
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Ave Maria!

Susan Boyce discusses how the proposed Health Care is against the Catholic social principle of Subsidiarity. Bishops are doing good by fighting for the Stupac Amendment but ignore the fact that it is against the Catholic principle of subsidiarity where the smallest organization should take care of any given issue and only go to a state or national organization if this is needed. She mentions how the bill saddles us with too high of a tax burden, and bureaucratic institutions that are too large. As such, once it passes it will be hard to get rid of. She praises two bishops in Kansas City who are are advocating opposition of the bill because it does not achieve the Catholic balance of not being too individualistic nor too socialistic.

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Ave Maria!

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