Dec 10 – Homily – Fr John Joseph: Our Lady of Loreto

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Homily #091210m ( 13min) Play – Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Loreto, which refers to the Translation of the Holy House of Loreto, the house in Nazareth where Mary was born and where the Annunciation occurred.  According to tradition, angels lifted up and transported the little house several times, finally to its current resting place in Loreto, Italy.

Father John Joseph explains how Our Lady exemplifies the role of the mother in the home. The home is where children can see the faith of their parents, where they learn their Christian virtues and what it means to be Catholic.

Ave Maria! Mass readings

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Tradition says that a band of angels scooped up the little house from the Holy Land, and transported it first to Tersato, Dalmatia in 1291, Reananti in 1294, and finally to Loreto, Italy where it has been for centuries.

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