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The Glories of Mary #9: Mary, Our Hope

By November 10, 2009December 19th, 2009Glories of Mary

Mary is the Hope of Sinners

St Antonine relates that there was a sinner who was at enmity with God, and who had a vision in which he found himself before the dread tribunal; the devil accused him, and Mary defended him.  The enemy produced the catalogue of his sins; it was thrown into the scales of divine justice, and weighed far more than all his good works.  But then his great advocate, extending her sweet hand, placed it on the balance, and so caused it to turn in favour of her client; giving him thereby to understand that she would obtain his pardon if he changed his life; and this he did after the vision, and was entirely converted.

O most pure Virgin Mary, I venerate your most holy heart, which was the delight and resting-place of God, your heart overflowing with humility, purity, and divine love.  I, an unhappy sinner, approached you with a heart all loathsome and wounded.  O compassionate Mother, disdain me not on this account; let such a sight rather move you to greater tenderness, and excite you to help me.  Do not stay to seek virtues or merit in me before assisting me.  I am lost, and the only thing I merit is hell.  See only my confidence in you and the purpose I have to amend.  Consider all that Jesus has done and suffered for me, and then abandon me if you can.  I offer you all the pains of His life; the cold that He endured in the stable; His journey into Egypt; the blood which He shed; the poverty, sweats, sorrows, and death that He endured for me; and this in your presence.  For the love of Jesus, take charge of my salvation.  Ah, my Mother, I will not and cannot fear that you will reject me, now that I have recourse to you and ask your help.  Did I fear this I should be offering an outrage to your mercy, which goes in quest of the wretched, in order to help them.  O Lady, deny not your compassion to the one to who Jesus has not denied his blood.  But the merits of this blood will not be applied to me unless you recommend me to God.  Through you do I hope for salvation.  I ask not for riches, honors, or earthly goods.  I seek only the grace of God, love towards your Son, the accomplishment of His will, and His heavenly kingdom, that I may love Him eternally.  Is it possible that you will not hear me?  No; for already you have granted my prayer, as I hope; already you pray for me; already you obtain for me the graces that I ask; already you take me under your protection.  My Mother, abandon me not.  Never, never cease to pray for me, until you see me safe in heaven at your feet, blessing and thanking you forever.  Amen.


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