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Ave Maria!

On August 11th Eduardo Verastegui, the lead actor in the award winning pro-life movie Bella, came to the Eastern Connecticut University campus in Willimantic and gave a press conference followed by a talk in front of a packed auditorium. The event was organized by the Sisters of Charity in Baltic, Ct. We captured the press conference and are presenting it in three parts.

Part One:

Eduardo talks about his upcoming movies including one on St Peter with a $160 million budget. Then he discusses his company Metanoia Films and the difficult road of being an independent film producer. He mentions his recently completed world tour for the promotion of the movie Bella. And, finally, about his new non-profit organization Mantle of Guadalupe (Espanol) with which he goes on world missions to give help to the pour and is helping to build a hospital for pregnant mothers in a downtown LA Latino barrio.

Ave Maria!

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