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Aug 14 – St. Pio Daily – Patience Possesses The Soul

By August 14, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!August’s Theme: Spiritual Aridity

“It is not at all true that you, in this state of aridity and desolation of spirit, to which the most loving Savior has subjected you, offend God because His vigilant grace guards you very well from such offenses. And if, therefore, you do not offend God, but rather, you love Him in this state willed by Him, of what therefore should you grieve over? Of what do you afflict yourself? Set out, therefore, on your ascent to the Cross; stretch out upon it and be patient with yourself because with your patience, the Divine Master tell us, you will possess your soul.”


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  • eric smith says:

    Ave Maria! Thank you so much for the St. Pio daily. i joyfully look forward to them everyday. What’s amazing is, most times it’s just what i needed to hear. Particularly this months theme. It feels like St. Pio is my spiritual director. Again thank you so much. Keep up the awesome work. All for the Immaculate. eric.

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