First Knights of Lepanto

From by Fr. Angelo Geiger on the anniversary of the passing of Thom and Mark Girard who were the first Knights of Lepanto, and beloved friends of the friars. Pray for them and their courageous family.

I here re-post my entry for July 2, 2008 on this the first anniversary of Thom Girard’s passing.  The accident occurred on June 30, but Marc survived into very early in the morning of July 1.  May our good knights rest in peace. I offered Mass for the repose of their souls this morning. More…

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  • Brother Skeet says:

    I do not know how to even begin this comment. The ideas that are in my head range from that of true humility to that of slaying the dragon for the fair damsel in distress. To put into words what these two Knights mean to me is a difficult task, for how do you can you describe air? The loss of Thom and Marc is still felt, it is still fresh in our minds, like a wound that won’t heal, it pains thee. Yet this wound was achieved in battle, it was achieved for the greater glory of God, does that not make it hurt less? Does that not take away the suffering? Shall we not turn to Our Lord and His Queen Mother to take away the suffering? Use it for the greater glory to have him reign once again in the Glory in which these two men saw Him, and wanted to enthrone Him once again. We can call ourselves knights, trying to grasp at straws that they left behind, are we living it like they did, and still do in our memory? I’m not trying to sound in any way condescending or depressing, but I for one refuse to call myself a Knight just to play pretend like I am anywhere near what Marc and Thom are. They will live on forever, like the great Knights of yore, they are Knighted by the King of Kings, I hope to one day I will be able to be in the same court, only by His will, not mine shall that happen. Thom and Marc pray for us. I Love you, I miss you, I will not forget you.


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