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June 15, 16 – St. Pio Daily – Charity

By June 16, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!June’s Theme: Faith, Hope, and Charity

15- “The first virtue that the soul tending toward perfection has need of is charity. In all natural things, the first motion, the first inclination, the first impetus is that of holding (or keeping), of going to the center: it is a law of physics. The same likewise happens with spiritual things: the first motion of our heart is that of going towards God, which is none other than loving his true and own good. Rightly so, charity has been called by Sacred Scripture, the bond of perfection.”

16- “Charity has as sisters-german (?) joy and peace. Joy is born from the delight of possessing that which one loves. Now, from the moment that the soul knows God it is naturally impelled to love Him; if the soul follows this natural impulse, which is excited by the Holy Spirit, it already loves its Supreme Good. Behold, this fortunate soul already possesses that beautiful virtue of charity.”


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