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Ave Maria!

Here in our beautiful home land of America, our Lord and our Lady have again blessed us. Enjoy a glimpse of this beautiful shrine in honor of our Lady of Guadalupe.

Ave Maria!

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  • Pascendi says:

    Wow! Nice tour! Thanks.

  • Pascendi says:

    Dear Fra Roderic: Who/what did you pick for the beautiful singing? Is it Franciscan? What is the origin?

    Ave Maria!

  • Chivalryblogger says:

    Nice! I think this shrine is even more beautiful than than Mother’s in Hanceville, AL! Great camera work too! And the singing was fabulous.

    Ave Maria,

  • Ave Maria says:

    Well, actually I still wish to return to Italy! And my Aunt has invited me to go as her companion and I think I will just take her up on it.

    I do indeed hope to visit the Shrine one day but to go to St. Peter’s, that parish for the world is just extraordinary!

    Ave Maria!
    Sr. Joseph-Mary FTI

  • PASCENDI says:

    Sister: Do you know who is doing the singing in the background?

    As for Italy, I would take my whole family if we could afford it. I really love this Holy Father and am so grateful that he has restored the Tridentine Rite… I would gladly kiss his feet in thanksgiving for the Motu Proprio he promulgated to make this happen back in July of 2007.

    May Our Lady bless your trip with your aunt.

    Ave Maria

  • apostolate says:

    The title of this video clip is to be taken in a lighthearted manner, we’re just giving our Italian brothers a hard time. It is our friars in Italy that are singing in the background.

    Ave Maria.

  • Fr. Ignatius says:

    I strongly suspect that fra Didacus was on a skateboard for these shots inside the Shrine. I hope there was no grinding of the altar rail.

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