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May 15,16,17 – St. Pio Daily – Marian Benedictions

By May 18, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!May’s Theme: Mary Most Holy

15- “May the Mother of Jesus and our Mother obtain for us from Her Son the grace to live a life wholly according to the Heart of God, a life wholly interior and completely hidden in Him. May this dearest Mother unite us so tightly to Jesus as not to let us ever again be allured and enchanted by anything in this base world. May She always keep us close to that infinite amiability, to Jesus, and then only can we say with St. Paul to be sons of God in the midst of a depraved and corrupt nation.”

16- May the Holy Spirit always be the helmsman of the small ship of your soul. May Mary be its star that brightens the path; may She show you the sure way to go to the Heavenly Father; may She be its anchor, to which you must unite yourself ever more tightly in the time of trial.”

17- “As soon as the Mother of God had come through the gates of Paradise, the blessed comprensori(?) saw Her, and filled with wonder at Her beauty, they all greeted Her with joy and feasting, saluting Her and honoring Her with the most sublime titles; they prostrated themselves at Her feet, paid Her homage and unanimously proclaimed Her their Queen. To this feast of the angels the sacrosanct Triad (Trinity?) was united. The Father welcomes Her, His beloved and invites Her to take part in His power.”


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