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FiNews – Fr Angelo Guest Blogs on The Dawn Patrol

By May 14, 2009March 1st, 2019Fi News, Fr. Angelo Geiger, Relativism

Ave Maria!

Fr. Angelo Geiger, F.I. blogs again on the Christopher West – Theology of the Body controversy. This time as a guest blogger on Dawn Eden’s The Dawn Patrol.

He points out that the discussion has deteriorated on many blogs into a shouting match between Christopher West haters and Christopher West groupies and in the process the real issue is lost.

He sees that we have to get a firm understanding of how original sin is the cause of both extremes, of Victorian prudishness on the one hand and the unrestrained lust of Hugh Hefner on the other. He insists that Christopher West’s blind spot is that does not grasp this point adequately and so he is in danger of falling into one of these extremes. Another insightful article by Fr. Angelo and a call for peace in the comboxes.

Ave Maria!


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