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May 5,6 – St. Pio Daily – Office of the Little Angel

By May 6, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!May’s Theme: Mary Most Holy

5- “How many times I confided to this Mother the painful anxieties of my agitated heart, and how many times She has consoled me! But what was my gratitude? In the greater afflictions it seemed to me to have no more mother on earth, but to have a merciful one in heaven. But how many times when my heart was calmed did I almost completely forget everything! I almost even forgot my duties of gratitude toward this blessed Heavenly Mammina!”

6- “I would like to have a voice so strong as to invite all of the sinners in the world to love Our Lady. But since it is not within my power to do so, I prayed and will pray to my little Angel to fulfill this office for me.”


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