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April 28 – St. Pio Daily – Double Crucifixion

By April 28, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!April’s Theme: Vices

“To the crucifixion of the flesh is united the crucifixion of the vices and of concupiscence. Now, the vices are all sinful habits; the concupiscence is the passions. It is necessary to constantly mortify and crucify both one and the other so that they do not drive the flesh to sin: who limits himself only to mortification of the flesh is similar to that fool who builds without a foundation…


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  • joanmariebernadette says:

    “Ave Maria!— April’s Theme: Vices”. This is August, but what a good reminder for every day. As it was said (by someone): Most souls are lost because of sins regarding impurity of the body.
    Thank you.

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