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March 19, 20, 21 – St. Pio Daily – Care for the Soul

By March 21, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!March’s Theme: Imperfections and Sins

19- “Live humbly, docilely, and in love with your heavenly Spouse, and do not upset yourself for whatever infirmity or weakness into which you can fall. […] Proceed with humility and frankness in confessing before God that which you will have noticed, leaving it to the sweet mercy of Him Who sustains those who fall without malice, so that they may not suffer from the evil. He raises them up so quickly and so sweetly that they do not even realize they fell, because the hand of God sustained them in their fall. They did not even realize that they were raised up because the hand of God raised them so quickly that they did not even think of it.”

20- “The Lord chastises us as our sins have merited. Let us placate the anger from heaven by returning to Him in the simplicity of faith; let us renounce the commodities of life – of the world – with facts and not only with words; let pride and arrogance and the rivalries and dissensions with our neighbor be far from us.”

21- “If, in order to amend the superficial defects of our body, one loses themselves in so many thoughts, and wastes so much time and effort, even on ones own hair so that not one of them is out of place, tell me, then, what one would not do to amend and get rid of the physical deformities of our body? Unfortunately, to appear beautiful, one would never finish, rather, all our care would be geared towards bettering and making more beautiful our bodies. The soul, instead, is always the least cared for, a negligible entity.”


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