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FiNews – Videos From Yesterday’s Broadcast

By March 12, 2009March 1st, 2019Fi News

Ave Maria!

Well, the live broadcast from the CT State Capitol on the SB 1098 rally and hearing went well yesterday. The rain held off (thanks for the prayers) and we had as many as 280 viewers thanks largely to Fr. Z and American Papist, carrying the feed on their sites.  We still have some teething pains to work out, but once we do we hope to do this more regularly. We can use some donations to help in this effort to get some needed equipment. You can use the Donate button on the right side bar.

We want to put some of the recorded videos on AirMaria soon. In the mean time, you can view them on our Ustream site (videos are at the bottom of that page):

1. Peter Wolfgang in the FIC ‘War Room’ (#1) 11min (20min but the last 9 min is unintended and useless)

2. Peter Wolfgang in the FIC ‘War Room’ (#2) 18min

3. Interviews in LOB lobby

  • Peter Wolfgang FIC Executive Director 0:00-4:00 (missed first few seconds)
  • Dec. Dave Reynolds, Connecticut Catholic Conference  4-6:30

4. Rally Outside Capitol Building (#1)

  • Bishop Lori of Bridgeport 0:00-4:30
  • Karl Anderson, Grand Knight of KofC 4:30-16:00

5. Rally Outside Capitol Buiding (#2)

  • Singing Faith of our Fathers   0:00-2:00
  • Msgr. Steve DiGiovanni Church, History in CT 2:00-9:30
  • Tom and Geni Tisdale, Order of Malta and Danes of Malta 9:30-13:00

6. Rally Outside the Capitol Building (#3)

  • Singing God Bless America 0:00-1:00
  • Archbishop Mansell of Hartford, Closing and Blessing 1:00-12:50
  • Crowd breaking up 12:50-17:00
  • Interview of Laity 17:00-19:00
  • Interview Sen Michael McLachlan Republican Judiciary Committee 19:00-25:00
  • Interview with Lady
  • Interview Bishop Michael Cote of Norwich 29:40-34:00

7. Informational Hearing (#1)

8. Informational Hearing (#2)

9. Informational Hearing (#3)

10. Informational Hearing (#4)

11. Informational Hearing (#5)


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