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Live Video – Debate Peter Wolfgang and Gillian Gilchrest

By March 11, 2009Pro-Life
Ave Maria!
We’re really sorry – we have been refused permission to live-stream the Great Debate because it wasn’t written into the contract. We really tried hard – nearly begged, but to no avail. Sorry again. We’ll try to get an interview afterwards and that will probably only be with Peter Wolfgang. Stay tuned.
Ave Maria!

Ave Maria! While we are at it (in Hartford Live Streaming) we will do a live broadcast of the debate of between Exec Dir of the CT Family Institute Peter Wolfgang and Jillian Gilchrest, Executive Director, NARAL . It starts at 7pm or there about. This should be good. Peter is an excellent debater and used to be a liberal himself so he knows the mindset. Only problem is he has been distracted from his preparations for this by the Bill 1098 which he worked so hard to bring attention to and which we covered earlier today. But it is going to be hit or miss in regard to the broadcast again so say prayers for us again.
Ave Maria! Some testing on and off until 11am, start of main broadcast. Keep the Prayers going!

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