Video – Fr Peter Fehlner: Mutilation and Organ Transplants

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Peter continues his reflections on medical ethics and the troubles that moral-conscience physicians and patients face in today's culture.  In this talk, Father specifically discusses mutilations and the morality of organ transplants.

Ave Maria!

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  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for posting this. I think my theologian friends from Massachusets will really like this therefore, I’m forwarding the link to them. God Bless Fr. Peter.

  • Other Mary says:

    Ave Maria!
    Thank you, Fr. Peter, for clarifying this timely topic. I was wondering if the document from the Holy Father from which you are reading and to which you are referring is available online and what exactly it is called. It might be helpful if viewers could follow along. I’m sorry if I missed it being said in the course of the talk!
    Ave Maria!

  • Matt says:

    Great talk!! Thank you for making this available. Fr. Peter is a wealth of knowledge.

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