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By March 2, 2009FI Houses, Fi News
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Ave Maria!

Friars are sent out to make way before Mass.

Ave Maria!

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  • Sue Massoud says:

    Certainly a moving video presentation, but it pales to the video drama of ashing and plowing at Mount Saint Francis. All for Our Lady! I’m thinking in particular of the long uphill driveway … the sound of the plow at 5 am….snow and snow and more snow! I can only imagine that the friars at Our Lady of Guadalupe have been well trained by a winter at Mount St Francis! That goes for visitors as well, as I can remember a few of us shoveling our way from our hermitages to the old chapel to get to Mass in the morning or wading through trails a foot or two deep!

  • Richie says:

    That’s exactly where the truck got stuck last snowfall when Father Bonaventure was plowing. But that time I pulled it out with the tractor. Where was the tractor this time?
    Btw, by leftover ashes, I’m assuming you don’t mean the ashes from last Wednesday… ; )

  • Michael says:

    Fra Didacus, I see that you have taken up (if you did get the relay message from Fra Roderic) my pep talk email to Fra Roderic and Fra Augustine with regards to film. I hope to see you do more of this. You Friars (I’m certain) are ready to do some serious film work (documentary).

  • JosephMary says:

    This is really not nice of me BUT it is 70 degrees and sunny on the front range in Colorado. But also there is a developing problem in that with this mild winter, we have the beginnings of a serious drought situation that looks to have its sights on the west. So we pray for a snowy March and some of what was depicted in this film.

    Ave Maria!

  • UPSman Dietz says:

    Great film. In like a lion out like a lamb. Who btw got the truck stuck? It was not a fun monday to say the least. But never the less all for Our Lady. How does Friar Lawerence feel about the snow?

  • Dan Cortes says:

    As always great work and creativity Friar Didicus!

    Your bro,

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