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NY Times article on the comeback of confession

“You turn on Oprah and you have women crying to her, confessing what they’ve gone through,” Ms. Marchetti said. “Everyone is so quick to tell the world their problems, but they won’t tell a priest.”
In the hope of reversing those engines, the Catholic diocese of Bridgeport, Conn., has mounted what it calls a “Lenten Confession Campaign.” The diocese’s 87 churches, which include St. John’s, will be offering confession for two hours every Tuesday night in addition to the usual Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning periods.
It remains to be seen, of course, whether the multimedia effort can change behavior on a grand scale. Monsignor DiGiovanni has changed it within his parish through a theological version of retail politics: reaching individuals and families through a decade of homilies, conversations and columns in the church bulletin”

Monsignor DiGiovanni’s attitude reflects a growing trend; if you offer confessions, they will come. And confess, and live in a state of grace. And bring friends, and family. And suddenly your church will come alive.
It happened in my old parish in Center Moriches, LI; it happened in my new parish in Baltic, CT; and it happened in Stamford. Pass this article to your pastor who may feel that it’s impossible, and give him hope.
I can happen in your parish, despite the naysaying of the aging Fr O’Brien of Notre Dame. Confession is a gift from God, and He wants His children to receive it. And to receive His Body and Blood in a state of grace. All we have to do is let the Holy Spirit work unhindered by our doubts.
Read the entire story in the New York Times.

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  • JosephMary says:

    In my parish for Lent we will have 3 daily Masses with confessions available after each Mass. Ordinarily we have 8 daily Masses with confessions at each time. This is an incredible blessing! And people come; many souls are reconciled.

  • Corinn says:

    It might not be enough to just offer confessions. Adults need to be retrained in the sacrament as many probably haven’t been since they were children. I found that when I taught CCD; most of the parents had not been themselves in over 18 years. A good primer on the sacrament would be helpful to many who may be just too afraid of not knowing what to do, ashamed of not having been in ages and/or ignorant to the blessings and graces bestowed on the penitent.

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