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More of our tax dollars may go to fund abortions

By February 18, 2009March 2nd, 2019Causa Nostrae Laetitiae

from Focus on the Family
The Obama Congress is moving quickly to funnel hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to the abortion industry.

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In recent years, Congress has attached special annual funding provisions called pro-life “riders” to the spending bills to ensure that taxpayers aren’t forced to fund abortions here and overseas. Well, a move is underway to strip those “riders” from the spending bills and all this could happen in the next few weeks.
New Focus Action Petition to keep your tax dollars from funding abortion
Focus on the Family Action has just launched a citizen petition to oppose this latest phase in the radical, pro-abortion agenda, as well as the effort to force you and me to pay for it. As you know, President Obama has already reversed President Reagan’s pro-life “Mexico City Policy,” which prevented U.S. funds from going to overseas abortion providers. Now, Congress is set to strip pro-life “riders” from the appropriations bills. This move will force you and me to pay for abortions and services from abortion providers through our taxes.
Please take a moment to
sign Focus Action’s new petition to keep your tax dollarsfrom funding abortion.
Votes Expected In March

Our Focus Action research team expects the legislative battle over the taxpayer funding of abortions to begin soon. That is why we are launching this petition today. With your help, we can rally tens of thousands of citizens to take a stand.
So, please take a moment to
sign the petition. Then, spread the word to your friends.
These are certainly times that demand our vigilance! We must be informed and engaged in these issues every step of the way. Thank you so much for the stand you are taking with Focus Action on behalf of life, faith and family.

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President,
Government & Public Policy


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