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Jan 28-31 – St. Pio Daily – Last Thoughts on Divine Love

By January 31, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!January’s Theme: Divine Love

Jan 28 – “You would almost like to measure, comprehend, feel and touch the love that you nurture for God; but be certain that the more a soul loves God, the less she feels it.”

Jan 29 – “The more a soul advances in love for this Supreme Good, the more her sentiment of love towards Him, which surpasses her knowledge, lessen/become smaller/diminish, so much as to seem to the poor soul that she does not love Him at all.” (sorry, poor translation)

Jan 30 – “The continual fear of losing God; that holy circumspection that makes you watch where you step so as not to stumble; that courage with which you confront the battles of the enemy; that resignation of all the troubles of this life to the divine Will; that ardent desire to see the Kingdom of God established in you and in the others are the most clear proofs of the love of your souls toward the Supreme Good.”

Jan 31 – “You love the most tender Spouse, but it seems to you such a small thing because you would desire to love with a perfect and consummate love. But to us miserable and unfortunate mortals, this love- at least in its fullness- is not granted to us if not in the next life. Oh, miserable condition of our human nature!”


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