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Live Video of Trip to DC, March for Life

By January 20, 2009January 22nd, 2009News
Ave Maria! We are on our way to DC for the March for Life. We will be stopping in at Emmitsburg, MD for the night then heading to DC in the morning. We have a broadband cellular modem that can stream video. We will see on the way down if it can deal with a mobile transmission by streaming the entire trip. Feel free to watch but it might be a little spotty as we go in and out of range of towers. Oh, and we hope to clean the windsheild as soon as we get a chance. And please enter chat below the screen to let us know how it works and what you think. Ave Maria!

Test is finished see the post above.


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  • JosephMary says:

    The stream is working. It is noon your time. No chat though.

    May the Angels watch over you on your journey.

    Ave Maria!

  • Jennifer A. says:

    I wonder if DC is still a crowded mess due to the inauguration. Hopefully your presence there will cause some to dig deeply into their souls for that still small voice that they have maybe ignored.

    My husband and eldest daughter are heading down tonight on a bus. I will be praying for you all … I will pray that Obama sees/hears/listens to what is said on this issue. I will pray that there are HUGE amounts of people there so that he realizes FOCA and other legislature on this will go against the consciences and desires of not just a few people, but tens of thousands or MORE.

    God bless you all! Good luck and I hope we’re able to watch this here.

    Blessings and Ave Maria!

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