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Jan 4, 5, 6 – St. Pio Daily – Making Up for Lost Time…

By January 6, 2009St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!January’s Theme: Divine Love

*Jan. 4 – “[The divine love] is everything for us: it is the honey…which must sweeten all our weaknesses, all our feelings sufferings and actions. My God, how happy is the interior kingdom when this holy love reigns within it! How blessed are the faculties of the soul when they obey so wise a King!”

Jan. 5 – “You are searching feverishly for the Supreme Good…but in truth, He is within you, keeping you stretched out on the naked cross, breathing strength into to you to bear the intolerable torment, and love, that you may painfully love His love. Your fear of having lost Him then, is altogether futile, for He is quite near and clasps you to Himself. Equally futile is your anxiety for the future, since the present is a crucifixion of love.”

Jan. 6 – “…perfect love is acquired when one possesses the object of this love, which is God Himself. But God will not be possessed totally and perfectly except in the Homeland; not while we are in exile. Therefore, as the total possession of God is not granted to the soul in exile, neither can Love possess consummated love, as long as this soul is a pilgrim on earth. Therefore, if this is our state, why so much frenzied anxiety and useless dejection?”


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