Jan 04 – Special Homily – Fr Tito: God Wants to Be Sought

By January 4, 2009October 27th, 2011Fr. Tito, St. Mary's, Baltic, CT
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Homily #090104t ( 07min) Play - God gives us just enough to find him, He wants us to seek, to put effort into finding Him.
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  • Maria says:

    Thank you for bringing us Father Tito’s homily! Now we can enjoy and be edified by these as well as by the Friars’ excellent homilies!

    Btw, is that Saint John Mary Vianney on the picture?

  • Donna Collette says:

    I am so happy to meet Fr. Tito. I was so happy to receive his words concerning “seeking him” and why we often can’t find Him. I always believed He was growing our faith, but through father’s homily, and story, I feel more determined to persevere in seeking His countenance and Truth…because He is faithful.
    Thank you Fr. Tito,

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