Video – Face of Pro-Life #51: Modesty of Dress

By December 29, 2008Face of Pro-Life
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Ave Maria!

Fra Anthony Servium, FI relates to host Corinn Dahm about modesty of dress, how it has changed and how it effects our morals.

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  • Magdalene says:

    This is one incredible video! Well done to Corinne and to Friar Anthony. He is VERY well spoken; a beautiful instument for Truth.

  • DamianSv says:

    It’s wonderful to see such a good clean masculine response to what is happening in the world on the
    show ( figures it would be FI), especially since we rarely if ever hear the truth today.

    Sadly when I hit a link provided and go to a supposed pro life pelican project pro life site all I see is Google ( google is as pro choice as satan) planned parenthood donate ads and way too many soft anti abortion views and more pro death pro choice barking than I like.

    That site has been bombarded by the enemy , is being run by liberal Catholics which there isn’t such a thing , or worse.

    Hopefully Michael Voris will come to the rescue. Because when he opens up his mouth, everyone gets the idea of where they stand with God really fast.
    And those who don’t like it , are off. Way off to the point of falling away.

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