Nov 16 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Good Works

By November 16, 2008October 27th, 2011Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, Homily
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Homily #081116 ( 08min) Play - We must be diligent in doing good works, knowing that judgment day is coming. We should, in fact, have a healthy fear of the Lord, which is a gift from God.
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  • Damian S.V says:

    After hearing The Truth of the Franciscan Way I’m scared.
    Fear of God. I have it. Thanks alot.

    God is merciful and love does inspire more when than fear , at least with fear somewhere in the background .
    Fear God, God is terrible .. But
    God is love & mercy … But
    God is just.

    God is both. And when we are saintly , even if it is in Heaven , God is love.
    I guess since the battle rages on even the Angels fear God right now because of our sin and the End of Time.

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