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Ave Maria!

What a great job being a Roving Reporter! One of our new novices, friar Terrence, not only got to go to a talk by Immaculee at St Pius X in Westerly, RI, but he also got to meet her afterwards and conduct this interview.

Ave Maria!

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  • Jackie says:

    What a great story for this young lady. How fortunate she is to have left such horrors behind to now be in the limelight of traveling all over the world sharing her story. God Bless her efforts and may she too become one of those famous catholics in the spotlight basking in her glory. Does she work? Or does she live on donations? Who paid her way here?

    Great story. Too bad CNN doesn’t seem interested.

  • Nancy F. says:

    Ave Maria!!! This is one of your best reports, in my opinion. Immaculee is an inspiration to all of us in learning how to love and forgive. Especially, at a time when we need it the most. Thank you!

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