Video – Fr Angelo Geiger – Face of Pro-Life: Catholic Vote

By October 30, 2008November 1st, 2008Fi News, Fr. Angelo Geiger, Politics
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Ave Maria!

This excerpt was taken from the Face of Pro-Life show shot on Tuesday night, 28th October 2008. This is pretty clear teaching - Catholics really only have one major party candidate they can vote for this election - and he's Pro-Life!!!

Ave Maria!

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  • Jennifer A. says:

    Wow … this is great. I did listen to the full interview last week and it was excellent but this exerpt has made it easy for us to forward to other people who simply won’t listen to a 30 minute discussion. This is a power packed discussion that strips down to the bare essentials … ESSENTIALS.

    As always, thanks so much and may God continue to bless each one of you!
    Ave Maria!

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