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Oct 22 – St Pio Daily – Reparation For Offenses

By October 22, 2008St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!October’s Theme: Prayer

?But there is another prayer which you must never neglect: See how much scorn and sacrilege is committed by the sons of men towards the Most Holy Humanity of His Son in the Sacrament of Love? It is up to us [?] as we have been chosen beforehand by the Lord?s goodness, to be members of His Church, or as St. Peter says: of a ?royal priesthood?. It is up to us, I repeat, to defend the honor of this meek Lamb who is always concerned when the case of souls is in question, but always silent where His own case is concerned. Let our entire lives, our every action and all our aspirations be completely directed towards making reparation for the offenses which our ungrateful brothers continually commit against Him.?


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