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Oct 12 – St Pio Daily – Succeeding In Meditation

By October 12, 2008St. Pio Daily

Ave Maria!October’s Theme: Prayer

?[?] the true reason why you don?t find, or rather, you don?t succeed in meditating well, I find in this, and I am not mistaken: You approach meditation with a certain special distortion coupled with the great anxiety to find some object which can console and content your spirit. And this is sufficient to see to it that you never find what you seek, and do not rest your mind on the truths that you meditate upon, or empty your heart of affections. [?] you should know that when one seeks, with great haste and avidity, something one has lost, one can even touch this object with one?s hand, and one can even see it a hundred times without realizing it.?


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