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Mary Vitamin – The Morning Offering

By September 28, 2008Helen Dilworth, Mary Vitamin

Mary Vitamin

Topic: The Morning Offering

?[I]t seemed to me that the person of the Father drew me to Himself and spoke these pleasant words. ? I gave you my Son, and the Holy Spirit, and this Blessed Virgin. What can you give to me?? – St. Teresa of Avila, Spiritual Testimonies in Saint Teresa of Avila Collected Works Vol I (ICS Publications: 1987), 396.

?For when [pastors] persuade the faithful to make the daily Morning Offering, they are teaching them that one’s whole life should be offered, together with the offering of Christ, to God the Father. They are teaching them that they should aspire daily to the perfection of Christian life, in which each one tries to make himself a worthy offering to God. When they prompt the faithful to unite this self-offering with the Eucharistic Sacrifice and to approach the Holy Table as often as possible in a spirit of reparation, these reverend pastors are teaching their people to consider the unbloody Sacrifice of the Altar as the very center of their lives. Moreover, when a pastor urges his people, as devoted children of Mary, to make their daily offering through her, when he persuades them to say the Rosary in honor of her merciful and loving heart, he is instilling in them an active and solid devotion to the Virgin Mother of God.? -Pope Pius XII, A Letter of His Holiness to John Baptist Janssens, General of the Society of Jesus and World Director of the Apostleship of Prayer, approves the new Statutes and recommends the Association to Prelates and pastors.

One way that I can respond to God the Father in thanksgiving for His gifts is by offering Him my day. I will renew my efforts to make a daily morning offering and today I will renew the offering at least one time.
– EWTN?s Morning Offering

“O Immaculate Mother of God and my Mother, Mary, I renew my total consecration to You and I offer to Your Immaculate Heart my prayers and works, joys and sacrifices of this day in cooperation with Your mission of conquering the whole world for the Kingdom of Christ.”
– From the Franciscans of the Immaculate Community Prayer book

Marian Vow:
?This commitment [of transformation into the Immaculate] is sustained and nourished daily by an ascetical program of life investing the entire day from morning to evening, without loss or waste of time.?
Marian Seraphic Pathways, Directory #24

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.

Ave Maria!


Mary Vitamin is a daily Email support for Marian mental prayer. Each day (Monday through Friday) members will receive a brief Marian quote with a corresponding Marian meditation and resolution. The Mary Vitamin is designed to make mental prayer a little simpler and bring Our Lady into your day in a systematic way.


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