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Our Lady and the Two Towers

Ave Maria Meditations
When we think of the two towers, we now often think of the World Trade Center and the tragedy associated with it. Or perhaps some might think of the book from J.R.R. Tolkein, but I present yet another thought on ‘Two Towers’…

Some thoughts from the Litany of Loreto

Mary: Turris Davidica or TOWER OF DAVID

(1) MARY, you are called the Tower of David because the Church applies to you these words of the Canticle: “Thy neck is as the tower of David, which is built with bulwarks; a thousand bucklers hang upon it, all the armor of valiant men”

The towers which David built to the walls of Jerusalem rose above all the other buildings. From them one could obtain a clear view of the surround?ing country and observe every movement of the enemy. As the tower of David surpassed all other buildings of Jerusalem, so you, the daughter of David, excel all angels and men in dignity and sanctity; the angels and saints are servants and friends of God, but you are the Mother of God. No dignity is higher than this. Consequently God has endowed you with a higher degree of sanctity than that which all angels and men could possess.

Tower of David, you were the most humble of all; hence the Lord did great things for you. He chose you to become the Mother of His Son and made you the Queen of heaven. Help me to become daily more humble, that I may be great in the eyes of God.

(2) MARY, the tower of David was so strong and provided with so many means of defense that it could resist the attacks of the enemy. Greeting you as the Tower of David, I acknowledge that the devil could not prevail against you and that you overcame all his attacks. Though he lay in wait for your heel, you crushed his head (Gen. 3,15). By an extraordi?nary grace God preserved you from the stain of original sin and thereby prevented you from falling into the power of Satan in the very first moment of your life.

The weapons you used in your struggles against Satan were those which your divine Son recom?mended to His disciples and to us: “Watch and pray, that you may not enter into temptation” (Matt. 26:41). You were watchful over your heart, over your senses, over your surroundings. Where you could not escape the attacks of the enemy, you met them with courage and confidence in God, with your eyes fixed upon God, and asking His help in prayer.

Let me also be like a tower of David in the struggle with my spiritual enemies. With the help of divine grace I can conquer evil. Help me to be watchful over myself; for the devil often makes use of the inclinations of my heart and my external senses in order to tempt me to sin. Make me watchful in deal?ing with the world, so that I may avoid all occasions?of temptations. Like you I wish to place my entire confidence in God and to pray frequently, especially?in the hour of temptation.

(3) MARY, the tower of David afforded protection and safety to all on account of its firmness and its powerful means of defense. You are such a tower for me. You afford me the most powerful protection and will permit no harm to befall me, if I have recourse to you in my struggle against evil. I hope to be saved for certain, because a firm trust in you is my weapon. I shall face my enemies courageously when I can count on your help as a shield in my hands. Tower of David, protect my soul from sin. I turn to you for aid when the battle is heaviest. With your help I shall be victorious.


Lord, we beg You, may we be helped by the prayers of Your most holy Mother, whose Rosary we are honoring, that we may draw strength from the mysteries which we reverence, and obtain the effect of the sacraments which we have received. Who live and reign forever. Amen

– Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

A TOWER in its simplest idea is a fabric for defense against enemies. David, King of Israel, built for this purpose a notable tower; and as he is a figure or type of our Lord, so is his tower a figure denoting our Lord’s Virgin Mother. She is called the Tower of David because she had so signally fulfilled the office of defending her Divine Son from the assaults of His foes. It is customary with those who are not Catholics to fancy that the honors we pay to her interfere with the supreme worship which we pay to Him; that in Catholic teaching she eclipses Him. But this is the very reverse of the truth.

For if Mary’s glory is so very great, how cannot His be greater still who is the Lord and God of Mary? He is infinitely above His Mother; and all that grace which filled her is but the overflowings and superfluities of His incomprehensible Sanctity. And history teaches us the same lesson. Look at the Protestant countries which threw off all devotion to her three centuries ago, under the notion that to put her from their thoughts would be exalting the praises of her Son. Has that consequence really followed from their profane conduct towards her? Just the reverse?the countries, Germany, Switzerland, England, which so acted, have in great measure ceased to worship Him, and have given up their belief in His Divinity while the Catholic Church, wherever she is to be found, adores Christ as true God and true Man, as firmly as ever she did; and strange indeed would it be, if it ever happened otherwise. Thus Mary is the “Tower of David.”

– Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman

Turris Eburnea: TOWER OF IVORY

(1) MARY, the Church greets you as a Tower of Ivory, for under this symbol you appear in Holy Scripture, where it is said of you: “Thy neck is as a tower of ivory” (Canticle 7:4). In calling you a Tower of Ivory I indicate your beauty. The Church applies the words of the Canticle to You: “Thou art all fair, 0 my love; and there is not a spot in thee” (4:7). The great beauty of your soul, your angelic innocence, your perfect sanctity, so rejoiced the Heart of the Holy Trinity that the Father chose you for His Daughter, the Son for His Mother, and the Holy Spirit for His Spouse. While the saints, too, possess beauty of soul, none of them equals you in holiness. You preserved your original innocence throughout life: not the least stain of sin ever disfigured you; you were entirely free from every imperfection.

Tower of Ivory, help me to recognize the vanity of all earthly things. Bodily beauty without beauty of soul is nothing. I desire above all else a beautiful soul, adorned with innocence and Christian virtues, especially humility, chastity, and the love of God. Give me such a soul that God may love me more and give me heaven as my reward, where I shall see your everlasting beauty.

(2) MARY, a tower of ivory has a shining white?ness and wonderful strength. In a spiritual sense, you are like a strong tower of ivory. With a pure white soul you cling firmly to God in joy and in sorrow.

How firm is your faith! When the angel reveals to you that you are to conceive the Son of God and become a Mother without ceasing to be a virgin, you believe and consent. How firm is your confidence in God! Trials of all kinds come upon you, but you put all your hope in God and submit to His adorable will. How strong is your love for God! Nothing in the world is able to captivate your heart; you know no other delight than to serve God, and you are ready to make any sacrifice for His honor. You prac?tice every virtue all your life with the greatest fidelity. Accepting with perfect resignation all that God is pleased to send you, you embrace it with joy for love of Him. Even when you see your Son dragged to execution and crucified, you do not aban?don Him. You hide your grief in the depths of your heart. How perfect is your life of prayer! After the Ascension of our Lord you devote yourself to prayer and good works till your very death.

(3) MARY, you are like a tower of ivory, because by your example you make us love virtue, and by your protection you guard us against the attacks of Satan. After your edifying example I wish to lead a virtuous life. I rely on your protection in every temp?tation because I know that as Mother of God you possess more power than all the angels and saints, and as my own Mother you are ever ready to help me.

Tower of Ivory, make me like a tower of ivory.

Help me to serve God with fervor and faithfulness all the days of my life as you did. I have consecrated myself to my Savior in holy Baptism and promised to be always His follower. Let me never become a traitor and associate myself with His and my enemies, Satan and sin. Never permit anything in the world to cause me to waver in my fidelity to God. Let me be diligent in prayer and in receiving the Sacraments for by these powerful aids I can per?severe to the end and save my soul.


May the prayer of blessed Mary, Your Mother and our Mediatrix, help us, 0 Lord; that through the bestowal of Your grace, we may obtain an increase of eternal redemption. Who live and reign forever. Amen. – Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

Sr. JosephMary f.t.i.

Author Sr. JosephMary f.t.i.

Our Lady found this unworthy lukewarm person and obtained for her the grace to enter the Third Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. May this person spend all eternity in showing her gratitude.

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