Video – Fr. Peter Damian – The Golden Thread #8: The Condition of our First Parents – Adam & Eve

By August 8, 2008May 8th, 2018Fr. Peter Fehlner, The Golden Thread
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In today's culture, the question continues to be asked regarding the condition of our first parents, Adam and Eve. Fr Peter Damian Fehlner answers this from the mind of the Church.

Ave Maria!

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  • DamianSv says:

    Do you know if Christ was not crucified/murdered and betrayed by one of his own/rejected by his people, if he would have died a natural death to pass the reigns to Peter and the papacy ? I think even in light of the transfiguration with Peter, James and John that he would have subjected himself to this natural death.
    And I’m guessing his mother would have died not from a broken/pierced heart or from the sins of the world/others but from the natural order and herself being a creature.
    They merited death , but did not deserve it.

  • DamianSv says:

    And if Mary had no child birth pains , even though in revelation she labored assuming for the creation/birth of the church and not the birth of jesus her son , the natural order here doesnt apply not because of sin apart from death , or because of something to do with christ walking through the closed doors at pentecost but
    it must be because
    she was virgin before during and after the birth.

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