Video – Dr Mark Miravalle – MaryCast Specials #19: Our Lady’s Role in the Work of Salvation (Part 4)

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Marycast Specials #19 ( 10min) Play - In Part 4 of Dr Mark Miravalle's talk from the Marian Conference, Our Lady's Role in the Work of Salvation (Amsterdam, May 2008), Dr Mark Miravalle elaborates on why Mary was a necessary part in God's plan of salvation.

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  • stephen wood says:

    Thank you, I really found your Marycast on ‘Co-redemptrix’ powerful and encouraging. I am a student at Maryvale, Birmingham, UK, and presently doing a Mariological Master’s thesis.

    I loved your ‘plant and watering’ analogy – but of course we must always appreciate that our (vital) co-operation with grace, our ‘watering,’ is also grace – all is gift……’Even our desire to praise you, Lord, is itself a gift from you…’
    Blessings in your continued good work! Hail Mary!

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