Jun 09 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Voting for Abortion

By June 9, 2008October 27th, 2011Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, Homily
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Homily #080609 ( 13min) Play - Fr. Ignatius outlines in detail, citing authoritative Church documents, how it is a sin to vote for a pro-abortion politician. He delves into the issue of proportionate evils, what they are and whether there can ever be an evil proportionate to abortion. He quotes Cardinal Ratzinger, Archbishop Meyers, and Bl. Mother Theresa
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  • Jennifer says:

    Dear Father Ignatius,

    This was a great homily. I fear this year’s voting will throw us into the ‘Catch 22’ scenario you mentioned unless someone else is stepping up to the independent ticket that i don’t know about. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church is supposedly not allowed to make a blanket statement of whom we should all vote. They have to skip around the subject in a nebulous sort of way which allows for many people to ‘read into’ things as they wish. I know many Catholics here in liberal CT who already feel like the Church is backing them up to vote for O’Bama. I’m floored. And, sadly, I’m not at all surprised. Not that the alternative is any prize, mind you. But, I’m thankful for you bravery to speak out about such things … it gave me some important statistics and facts to place into my arsenal should I get into a political dispute before November … it’s a guarantee that I will.

  • DamianSV says:

    If Satan himself possessed John Mcain as he did Judas Iscariot , he could not induce me to vote for (support) Clinton or Obama even if it would seem Mcain would destroy the whole world.
    I would put my trust in God that if a bad candidate got into office , and did great harm that this would be how God would justly chastise and punish us (the church and the world) for not being obedient to him.
    As you ve said some things done in America cry out to God for vengeance and justice . Even God’s mercy pleaded for by Mary and the Church can run low enough for a mild amount of justice.
    I cant see someone like a Padre Pio voting for a pro abortion candidate even regardless of the alternative .

    But respectfully and in at least a good amount of agreement I support the fact that Some soldiers now can serve , and Some voters will be able to vote for candidates in circumstances that are different than todays.
    The world will be saved not by how we vote but how close we come to the church and when inside how saintly (holy) each of us are. I would not serve in any combative role in an unjust war with a government that is untrust worthy and in some regards has satanic practices.

    I can also imagine that when the church publicly speaks out they have to weigh in on how open and agressively truthful they are ( I’m not saying they arent truthful) to be with the public based on how ferocious the governments retaliation will be and how strong the country and parishioners are able to take it.
    If you are to vote at all it must be for Mcain or perhaps Ron Paul , as long as the candidate is pro life and not agressively anti life as is Clinton-Obama. And what they say is not always what they will do.

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