Jun 03 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s

By June 3, 2008October 27th, 2011Fr. Bonaventure, Homily
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Homily #080603 ( 10min) Play - Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. In this segment Fr. Bonaventure gives a homily on the meaning of Our Lord's counsel to give to authority: "give to Caesar what is Caesar's," but, then give your all to God.
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  • Set All Afire says:

    In today?s society in which Cesar, or one of his dominions, lies around every dark corner, it is more and more difficult to guard one?s self from the impurity that tramples upon the mantle of Our Lady. Catholic?s always must be vigilant for the beast who, ?prowls about like a lion looking for souls to devour?. In a world that mocks the beauty of children by trying to dress them up like women of the night, thinking that this is ?normal? dress, one does not have to go far to draw a conclusion that the narrow path seems to see less and less hikers, while the wide path people are flying down at 80mph.
    We are so blessed to have great homilies like this one, and for the Air Maria team, to bring us a glimpse of heavenly light, in an all to dark world.

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