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The New Religious Intolerance

By May 30, 2008January 13th, 2012Commentary, Fr. Angelo Geiger, News

Funny how the secularists can create the most intolerant of religions:

Environmentalists are Gaia?s priests, instructing us in her proper service and casting out those who refuse to genuflect. . . And having proclaimed the ultimate commandment ? carbon chastity ? they are preparing the supporting canonical legislation that will tell you how much you can travel, what kind of light you will read by, and at what temperature you may set your bedroom thermostat.

Just Monday, a British parliamentary committee proposed that every citizen be required to carry a carbon card that must be presented, under penalty of law, when buying gasoline, taking an airplane, or using electricity. The card contains your yearly carbon ration to be drawn down with every purchase, every trip, every swipe.

Fr Angelo

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I am Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, and a priest for more than twenty years. I am now studying in Rome for my licentiate in Theology.

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