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Mary Vitamin – Will of God & the Immaculate are One

Mary Vitamin

Topic: The Will of God & the Will of the Immaculate are One

“Let us turn our gaze towards Jesus, our most perfect model. He who is God, supreme holiness, gives himself to the Immaculate without reserve and becomes her son.” – St. Maximilian Kolbe (Father Anselm W. Romb, OFM Conv, ed, The Kolbe Reader, Marytown Press, 171.)

“More than once, no doubt, we have come across the expression ‘God’s will,’ or perhaps this other one, ‘the Immaculate’s will’; or again, ‘the accomplishment of the Immaculate’s will is the shortest and surest way to holiness.’ And at first, perhaps, a doubt arose in our minds whether such expressions are strictly true.”

“Since our supreme legislator is God, our salvation depends on carrying out his will. The Immaculate is, indeed, the Mother of God, but compared with God’s perfection she is infinitely inferior to him a creature brought into being by his will.”

“Because the most Blessed Virgin surpasses in perfection all the angels and saints, her will is united with and made one in the closest manner with the will of God. She lives and acts solely in God and through God. Hence, by accomplishing the will of the Immaculate we accomplish by that very fact the will of God.” – St. Maximilian (Father Anselm W. Romb, OFM Conv, ed, The Kolbe Reader, Marytown Press, 170-1.)

Today I will reflect on the words of St. Maximilian.

I will remember to say The will of God and the will of the Immaculate are one as I pass my image of Our Lady. I will not be afraid to entrust myself to Her because it is in Her hands that I will become most Christ like.

Marian Vow:
“Let us follow Jesus’ lead. From now on let us renew the promise we made to the Immaculate. Let us undertake to live in such a way as to become every day and hour always more fully hers.” – Father Anselm W. Romb, OFM Conv, ed, The Kolbe Reader, (Marytown Press), 171.

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.

Ave Maria!


Mary Vitamin is a daily Email support for Marian mental prayer. Each day (Monday through Friday) members will receive a brief Marian quote with a corresponding Marian meditation and resolution. The Mary Vitamin is designed to make mental prayer a little simpler and bring Our Lady into your day in a systematic way.


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