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Marycast Historical Highpoints of Mary Coredemptrix #8 ( 10min) Play - Thus far, Dr Mark Miravalle has presented the truth of Our Lady Coredemptrix as it is contained in Scripture, preserved in the rich Tradition of the Church and Magisterium, and from several Pope's throughout the centuries. Now, Dr Mark Miravalle looks at the truth of Our Lady Coredemptrix in another perspective, as it is seen in Private Revelation.
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To order the book this series is based, click: With Jesus: The Story of Mary Co-Redemptrix

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  • Ave Maria says:

    The relevance of Our Lady as Co-redemptrix in approved
    messages and apparitions is certainly a wonderful source.

    I am concerned about the alleged messages that are not
    approved by Rome and I know some folks lean on them but I do not see them as a sure footing,

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