May 7 – Homily – Fr. Ignatius: The Priestly Prayer Continued…

By May 7, 2008October 27th, 2011Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, Homily
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Homily #080507 ( 11min) Play - The Spirit will lead the Church into all truth and gives the Church unity (Lumen Gentium). How do we explain the divisions in the Church today, even divisions among Catholics?
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  • Fr. Ignatius says:

    Just a note to all. I had mentioned in the homily that Arius, Nestorius and Martin Luther were all priests. Incidentally, Nestorius had also been consecrated Bishop of Constantinople.

    Ave Maria!

  • Set All Afire says:

    As you stated in your homily, St. Paul warns us about those that come from inside the flock that hey will try to more or less take down Holy Mother Church. You also stated that we have to be accountable our own actions, and that we have to answer to a higher authority. What then can we do when the higher authority is heretical?
    I know what the ?church? teaches in regards to kinds of abortifications, that they are intrinsically evil. Yet, our very own Bishops voted for them to be used in Catholic hospitals. What are we the lay members of the flock to do?
    The Church teaches that we must follow our bishops, but when the bishops are wrong who do we turn to? I know Father Peter?s stance on this, what is our own obligation to Holy Mother Church. How do we stand up against this without keeping in lines with what the catechism teaches?

  • E. Gormley says:

    You have to do act and work in the truth even when those above you do not. Pray for the priests and the bishops as they are hardly respected these days, yet often expected to solve all problems – spiritual and political.

    Sometimes it’s easier to understand if you watch all the heat they take from others over everything.

    Then do the best you can. And keep doing it.

    God doesn’t ask us to be sucessful, just faithful. (Mother Teresa).

  • Fr. Ignatius says:

    Dear Set All Afire,

    If it is perceived that a parish priest is teaching/acting contrary to the Church’s teaching, first pray, then one could prudently approach him to seek a clarification or correction. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, recourse could be had to the local Bishop.

    If it is perceived that one’s Bishop is teaching/acting contrary to the Church’s teaching the same course of action could be taken, pray, approach or write him for clarification or correction, then if the problem persists, have recourse to the Apostolic Nuncio or Holy See.

    Ave Maria!

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