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FiNews – New Bedford Friars Captured by Award Winning Photojournalist

By May 6, 2008August 14th, 2008FI Houses, Fi News

Ave Maria!

Slide Show of Friars in New Bedford by Peter Pereira

Here is a slide show of our Friars in New Bedford filmed over a period of 19 months (~2005-2006) by award winning photojournalist Peter Pereira, also from New Bedford. He filmed the entire series in black and white Kodak film, the old fashioned way. He even filmed some of the friars on errands away from the friary. He did an extraordinary job. Thank you, Peter.

Or you can order the book (not associated with friar’s Academy of the Immaculate. Revenue from sale of this book goes solely to pay for Peter Pereira expenses as he financed the entire printing himself.)


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  • Ave Maria says:

    I am pleased to see this post for I had sought to order the book in the past. I just sent the photographer an email to see about ordering it. Thanks very much!

    I have visited the friary several times and even though I have my own pictures and memories, this will be very nice to have.

    Ave Maria!

  • quiverfull says:

    Very well done. I especially love the one of Fra. Giles outside with his cape billowing about him.

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