May 1 – Special Homily – Fr Angelo: Ascension Evening Mass

By May 1, 2008October 27th, 2011Fr. Angelo Geiger, Specials
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Homily #080501 ( 15min) Play - The Apostles watched Jesus Ascend into Heaven in Glory. But He promised the Holy Spirit who will strengthen them for their Mission of Baptizing all nations, which he commends to them at this time. Listen as Fr. explains the great consolation of this promise of the Spirit Consoler and how this should give us hope to carry on against all difficulties.
Ave Maria! Mass readings

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  • Jennifer A. says:

    I can’t seem to get this to load. Is it me??

  • apostolate says:

    Ave Maria!


    Oops! I uploaded it to the wrong directory. It is being reuploaded now.


  • George Festa says:

    It looks like the Sandals & Fiddlebacks video has been helping with te “gravitational pull” that the TLM naturally has. A family member attended this TLM and said that your chapel was packed. Deo Gratis !

    We were confused as to why the priest intones the Pater Noster and the rest of the prayer is said in silence until the server says: Sed libera nos a malo. Wasn’t the “Dialogue Mass” around pre-1962 and the congregation allowed to chant the Pater Noster with the priest ?

    Furthermore, The indicated practice appears to have been approved by the PCED, No. 40/97, 26th March, 1997:

    2.a) This Pontifical Commission sees no difficulty in the celebrant and ministers joining in the singing of the plainchant Gloria and Credo together with the schola cantorum and the congregation instead of reading them privately as directed by the Ritus Servandus. This usage was already admitted by the Church a relatively short time after the publication of the 1962 Roman Missal. The same holds true, mutatis mutandis for the Missa Cantata.

    b) This Pontifical Commission sees no difficulty in the entire congregation?s singing of the Pater Noster in all sung Masses.

    Either way, the friars do a beautiful job in the Holy sacrifice of the TLM !

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