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Apr 30 – St. Maximilian – A Violation Masked as the Will of God

Ave Maria!April’s Theme: Obedience

“Sometimes the superiors, in order to avoid a greater evil (e.g. the non-execution of an order or a hypocritical execution because done with interior aversion), will yield to the friar who asks with insistence. But, at the moment of judgment, how the Lord God will impute to this soul a violation, given that we are speaking precisely of a violation, even though masked as the will of God?!…We shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, that this soul, constantly agitated in a continual effort to do his own will, always encounters crosses and sufferings which gain him no merit. He is an unfaithful soul who the Divine Spouse will vomit from His mouth – Apoc. 3:16.” (cf. SK #329)


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