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Apr 28 – St. Maximilian – Extinguishing the Light of Faith

By April 28, 2008April 30th, 2008Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia, St. Maximilian Daily

Ave Maria!April’s Theme: Obedience

“How much displeasure is given to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by those religious who, through lack of continuous vigilance over themselves, through negligence in incessant prayer by means of the ejaculatory prayers, through lack of resolve to do combat with things that appear of little importance, slowly extinguish the splendor of the light of faith that knows the will of God Himself by means of blind obedience, and who begin to see ever more in their superiors that which even the pagans can discern, that is to say, men who are more or less wise, more or less prudent, older or younger, bigger or smaller.” (cf. SK #329)


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