Video – Face of Pro-Life #31: Fr. Tony DiMarco & Dr. Roy Kerlin: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

By April 27, 2008June 23rd, 2008Corinn Dahm, Face of Pro-Life, Pro-Life
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Ave Maria!

In this special episode of Face of Pro-Life, Corinn Dahm interviews Fr. Tony DiMarco and Dr. Roy Kerlin in its first live broadcast. They discuss the problem of "Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research" examining the issue from different aspects.

Ave Maria!

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  • Lucy says:

    Very Interesting! Good Job, Roy, Corinn, and Fr. Tony. I wanted to ask if stem cells could be used by extracted blood or other nonevasive tissue from children at any age? Like you said nasal mucousa, maybe hair or skin etc, could be used, because when I was pregnant with Daniel I could not afford to pay $2,000 up front for the Blood Core Bank for my umbilical cord for my labor and delivery back in 2005, yet my private Connecticare “health care ” insurance would only pay what’s called fertility coverage which is “invitro” if I was not able to become pregnant but would not cover Blood Banks Storage or i understand that public insurance like Medcaid would have paid for an abortion but not to help assist financially in storing Cord or Placenta blood to be stored in a Blood Bank for later stem cell use! WHy? Can you do a program to show how the affect of the “Culture of Death” not only steals our tax dollars for Planned Parenthood and abortion and this “Embryonic stem cell experimentation”, but also robs pregnant women from really good health care for the future of their families?

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