Video – Dr Mark Miravalle – MaryCast Historical Highpoints of Mary Coredemptrix #1: Mary Coredemptrix in the New Testament

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Marycast Historical Highpoints of Mary Coredemptrix #1 ( 10min) Play - In this new series, Dr Mark Miravalle focuses on the historical aspect of the title and role of Our Lady as Coredemptrix, following an outline based on the book "With Jesus: The Story of Mary Coredemptrix". He begins the first episode by answering the question, "Where in Scripture is this title?" Listen to Dr Mark Miravalle explain how the doctrine of Our Lady as Coredemptrix comes to us from Jesus, is present in Scripture and manifested in the apostolic Church. Ave Maria!

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To order the book this series is based, click: With Jesus: The Story of Mary Co-Redemptrix

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  • Damiantvz says:

    Are not these both the same.

    And they both seem to be about division under the claim of unity.
    Clearly all under one Pope releases the Greatest amount of graces. And outside of the Church is inferior , but how inferior. These claim not even enough to put your soul at risk , but certainly to put others and the world at risk. So the question is heresy or not. Does catholic exchange have merit in this article a tale of two covenants part three. Is this the lenient side of God. He is saying you can be part of the church outside the church even through the outright rejection of Christ , sacramental confession and the Eucharist.

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